GRIFFIN Accelerator Interview Shortlist Selected

Congratulations to the shortlisted GRIFFIN Accelerator applicants,  you have made it through to the interview round and will be notified via email.

So what happens next?

Interviews will take place for all shortlist applicants on Tuesday the 3rd June, starting at11:00AM.  Expect to be there for up to 3 hours in total.  The location is the same as that used for the pre-program workshops:

  • NICTA, Ground Floor Seminar Room, 7 London Circuit Canberra (enter NICTA via the Xchange on London cafe, head towards the elevators at the back of the foyer and you’ll see a sign directing you to the seminar room).

We want to meet the whole team, so make sure everyone comes along to give you the best chance of being accepted into the program.  Know-one likes unknowns and not meeting your whole team is like betting on a mystery box.

The format of the day will be as follows:

  • Each team will pitch their business to the mentors for 5 minutes only (this is a strict time limit and you will be asked to stop at 5 minutes).  This will be followed by up to 10 minutes of open questions from the audience.  Be prepared!  We want you to articulate the problem or unmet need you are addressing, your understanding of the customer and market opportunity, your competitive advantage, what you have done to validate the market for your solution and why you are the best team to execute the business. Inspire us.


After the pitches and questions, the mentors will hold a closed session where they will rank the performance and content delivered by each team before deciding who has been successful.  We will notify you as soon as possible following our discussion.  Entry into the accelerator is still not guaranteed and successful teams will participate in final due diligence before starting the accelerator program in July.

This is an exciting time!  Good luck on Tuesday and bring your game face.