GRIFFIN participants for 2016

Today we announce the successful participants in Canberra’s GRIFFIN Accelerator for 2016.

GRIFFIN Accelerator is a three month intensive program run by a group of seasoned Canberra entrepreneurs who invest in, host, teach and mentor selected startups to create successful businesses. This year the Accelerator will invest up to $250,000 in the selected teams. After 3 months teams will pitch to investors then receive an additional 3 months of support.

‘GRIFFIN Accelerator will invest in and mentor five great teams this year. Over the next three months we aim to help these teams validate their products and start fast growth’ said GRIFFIN CEO Dr Craig Davis.

‘We have a wonderful diversity in the startups – from platforms to brands to innovative physical products. All teams have innovations with the potential to make a big impact,’ he said. Selected from over 80 expressions of interest, the quality of the selected teams reflects the strength of startup and innovation in Canberra.

‘The mentors and I are particularly pleased that four of the five startups are founded by women’ said Dr Davis, ‘and we hope that is a sign that the typical imbalance can change’.

The successful teams

Anti Grabbity – Simple device to prevent children climbing over balconies

Founder: Hollie Bell. Hollie started her own business doing web design (really badly) which turned into BizzTools 12 years ago, developing online Loan Calculators (successfully) for mortgage brokers and banks. This allowed her an enviable 4 hour work week and time to think of new inventions and businesses. So far she’s invented two sewing tools with one already manufactured and selling, the second one in progress. Anti Grabbity is her fourth invention and hopes to save small kids from falling off balconies and young adults from engaging in risky behavior like balcony hopping during “Schoolies”. Her two other creations are Monty 9 and Claudette 7 (pictured).

CycleLifeHQ – airbnb for cycling experiences

Founder: Charles Black. CycleLifeHQ – AirBnB for cycling Experiences. CycleLifeHQ helps people enjoy cycling rides and tours curated by local experts. Local experts create unique cycling experiences based on local insights that only they know.  Cyclists use the platform to find, arrange, enjoy, and rate their cycling experiences. was released a month ago with initial listings for Canberra. We are now looking for cycling companies and destinations who want to increase the number of customers and tourists.

CycleLifeHQ was founded by Charles Black who left his corporate life of 25 years to change the world by making cycling better for everyone. Matt Ryan, a co-founder, has had extensive experience in building and growing businesses and has established several digital platforms.

Rockstars and Royalty – Online customisable special occasion dresses with Rockstars and Royalty’s signature vintage-inspired style

Founder: Vicky Kidd-Gallichan. For the past 18 years, designer Vicky Kidd-Gallichan has been designing and making elaborate, vintage-inspired gowns. She started Rockstars and Royalty in 2008 when she moved to Canberra from England. Since then, Rockstars and Royalty has grown a loyal following, both locally and internationally.

Vicky is now developing an online collection of customisable dresses in the style that Rockstars and Royalty has become known for. Customers will be able to choose a design, and then pick from options such as colour, skirt length, sleeve length and different embellishments to customise the dress to exactly how they’d like it. The dresses will be available in a huge range of standard and custom sizes. Rockstars and Royalty believes that everybody is beautiful and should be able to buy a dress that makes them feel confident and amazing.

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Hometaste – marketplace for delivered meals by local chefs
Founder: Teena Thaliyath

Teena is a Professional Business Consultant with over 9 years of IT industry experience working in public and private sectors. She has been working on various digital transformational projects and strongly believes that technology is a powerful agent in transforming and making everyday life easier and more enjoyable.

Teena’s own need for good comforting food paved the way for birth of Hometaste. Her vision is to provide a smarter and better way to experience food. Hometaste would like to provide a seamless experience for people who love to eat good food for an affordable price in a convenient manner. Teena also believes food is more than just food and it can be a powerful and positive agent of change for communities. Hometaste was released only a few weeks ago and we are glad that we are getting some early customer transactions

Mashblox – Toy that easily introduces Toddlers to their first solids
Founder: Alix O’Hara

Alix O’Hara is a local Canberra artist and freelance model. Her brainchild “Mashblox” was inspired in January this year, by watching a toddler eating an apple at Dickson shops.