Teams who are participating in the program this year:

Little Products

Little Products believe that the built environment imposes limitations on a child’s independence. Their products help kids use oversized spaces better, excise their own abilities and allow them to do things for themselves. Their products enable kids to exercise their natural abilities and do things for themselves whenever they are ready and not just when they’re ‘big’ enough.

Info on their background more of their personal story can be found here:


Businesses, marketers and entrepreneurs know that video is becoming the most influential and powerful tool for marketing the products and services. They also know the importance of establishing brand awareness. Traditional video production services cannot deliver to this growing need because they are people-powered creative services, with high overheads, expensive equipment and slow turnaround times. Just to add branding to a 90 second video filmed on an iPhone can take an hour or more, requiring specialist post-production software and skills. Brivvio have turned this into a 5 minute automated process with a web and mobile based platform.

Video SWMS

Safe Work Method Statements (SWMs) are a mandatory form required in many instances of construction work. The current system is plagued with many issues including low compliance rates, poor user engagement, difficulties with monitoring and complexity. Video SWMs are developing a new way to complete SWMs utilising video technology to improve the current system and promote safety within the industry.

Future Super-Foods

The animal protein industry contributes heavily to carbon emissions globally, and with human populations increasing, there is a growing need for sustainably produced protein. Future Super-Foods have built a prototype modular cricket farm and have begun farming their own crickets for human consumption. Their aim is to simultaneously grow the hobbyist cricket/insect farming market and produce a high protein cricket-based powder to meet the growing demand for sustainable protein.

Stocks Blocks

The solar power industry is growing at an exponential rate, but the cost of installing solar farms remains high. Current installation methods require metal brackets to be drilled into the ground, these are heavy and difficult to transport. Stocks Blocks have invented a stackable, recycled plastic housing for PV panels. They estimate that they can reduce the cost of solar farm installation by up to 30% while also enabling remote locations to take advantage of the simplified transportation.


Teams who participated in the program last year:


The art form of music just took a giant leap into a whole new realm of freedom and possibility. Imagine an intelligent app that helps you to produce the perfect song… without you having to wrangle complex gear. Imagine software that works seamlessly with your musical intuition, and takes mere minutes to learn how to use effectively. Stop imagining. At Juxtapus we’ve done the thinking for you. We used our heads, so that instead, you use your heart to create your art.


StakOne has built a product, StakTask, for hospitality industry, which allows store owners to manage their store operations, remotely. StakTask turns paper based checklists to a digital platform where store owners can create tasks and see staff members contributing to it in real time. Once set up correctly, the system runs on autopilot, sends notifications if the store falls behind, sends daily/weekly reports and allows store owners to take actions.


Emudent is developing a cutting edge intra oral device with innovative technology which empowers dentists to perform a wide range of diagnostic and treatment procedures rapidly, efficiently and with ultra-precision, making the dental experience much more enjoyable for patients and dentists alike

Brain Changer

The Brain Changer Transfer Package shows people with chronic pain how to transfer pain education from the clinic into their daily life.  The core of the package is a pacing tool which shows patients how to recognize when the brain is escalating their status away from ‘safe’ and it prompts them to counter with stronger evidence of safety.  Feedback from GPs, pain psychologists and physiotherapists is that it’s the missing link in pain rehabilitation programs.  Our users say it’s changing their lives.


Teams participated in the program:

Rockstars and Royalty

Rockstars and Royalty’s customisable special occasion dresses make it easy for everybody to buy a high end dress that makes them feel confident and beautiful. Our dresses are available in a huge range of custom sizes and the brand is body positive and inclusive, featuring models of a variety of dress sizes and body types. Within each design, customers are able to choose from options such as skirt length, colour, sleeve length and embellishments. We aim to empower customers to embrace their individuality and to confidently express themselves in a dress that is uniquely theirs.


Mashblox has invented a feeding aid that combines children’s tendency to play with their food and explore the world through their mouth, into something both less messy and more hygienic. Infants 6 months old are able to feed themselves, and it gamifies food for children up to 4 years, while promoting autonomy and development of healthy eating habits.

Anti Grabbity

Hollie started her first business, BizzTools 12 years ago, developing online Loan Calculators for mortgage brokers and banks. Five years ago she invented two sewing tools, one of which has been manufactured, marketed and sold worldwide. The second tool is to be launched in 2017.

Anti Grabbity is her fourth invention and aims to save small kids from falling off balconies and young adults from engaging in risky behavior like balcony hopping during “Schoolies”, and in party destinations like Ibiza.


Globally there is a $70+billion spend on bikes rides, tours and activities.  The industry is fragmented and growing quickly and customers and providers are looking for better ways to connect.  CycleLifeHQ  was launched a little over 3 months ago and has gained traction in Australia with listings and providers from over 10 locations signing up.  It is  now scaling for global reach on the back of purchasing the digital rights to over 1500 curated rides from across the globe.
CycleLifeHQ was founded by Charles Black who left his corporate life of 25 years to change the world by making cycling better for everyone. Matt Ryan, a co-founder, has had extensive experience in building and growing businesses and has established several digital platforms.


Hometaste allows busy locals to purchase authentic home style meals prepared by accredited home cooks and chefs in their neighbourhood for delivery.
The current food industry has given us food that is convenient but lack in human touch. We are empowering cooks on every street to feed their communities in a more nourishing way – with home cooked meals.

Hometaste is currently feeding Canberra and we have over 25 cooks signed up.


Teams graduating at end August 2015:


With integrated computer vision technology, OzGuild is fusing the physical and digital realms of Magic: the Gathering

Dilkara Essence of Australia

Dilkara Essence of Australia is a Canberra- based, Indigenous owned and inspired Australian made company who specialises in boutique, naturally-derived hair and skin care products using Australian Indigenous cultural heritage ingredients to achieve the best for your hair and skin.


Magic moments in tech. Inspiring young people to use technology by empowering them to make real things through both local events and online.

myBUZZ App

myBUZZ smart paging system is a mobile app that saves businesses time and money by instantly notifying their customers, via their phone, that their order or table is ready.


SignOnSite helps organisations safeguard their employees, contractors and visitors by leveraging the technology already in their pockets.

Solar Bare

Solar Bare is a new label that creates beautiful sun protection apparel.  Solar Bare’s range makes covering up a fashion statement.


Forty teams applied to GRIFFIN accelerator and after a competitive process only 5 were selected. After 3 months intensive work guided by the GRIFFIN mentors, all five teams have real customer traction and were making rapid progress. In late September the teams presented to investors in Canberra and Sydney, all five teams received investor interest with over 45 specific expressions of interest.

Enabled Employment

Enabled employment enables employers to tap into a huge untapped talent pool of Australians living with a disability using telework technology to remove barriers. –

status: raised SEED round (details not disclosed) see their social media for latest updates

Made for Me is a marketplace connecting designers, local manufacturers, and consumers who want unique, made to order 3D printed designs –

status: opened American office, growing rapidly


Quizling is taking the ‘quick quiz’ and building a social-gaming platform to engage learners across the classroom and across the world. With enterprise level analytics and privacy management, Quizling is the complete platform for learning. –

status: raised SEED round (details not disclosed) and product in beta


Symberra is a cloud-based data analytic platform that specialises in large-scale data modelling and simulations. Our optimised data storage and simulation algorithms enable the domain experts to gain in-depth insights from big data in a fraction of the time required today.

status: product in trial with large customer


Facebook for Auctions – with a motto “Social Local Fast”, Snapknock is the only pre-loved belonging buy and sell platform built with social in mind from ground up. With emphasis on people, not items or businesses, Snapknock takes social commerce to the next stage. –

status: not under active development