Elevator Pitching

Have you ever unexpectedly met someone who asked about your startup and you suddenly realise that you don’t have a good clear answer so you start waffling? I have! Instead of an awkward and difficult start to the conversation, have an elevator pitch ready and be excited to get asked!

Your elevator pitch needs to start the conversation and leave the people you’re talking to intrigued, impressed and wanting to know more. You’ve got 30 seconds to create a great first impression. If you succeed you will create valuable new connections, find partnerships, make sales, find investors and more.

Your elevator pitch needs to:

  • be clear and concise (that’s one reason for the 30s deadline)
  • start a conversation (leave the audience wanting to know more)
  • tell who you are and what is your killer advantage
  • convey the key value you deliver (one way to do this is by presenting the pain point then how you solve it)

Thinking about your EP can help you clarify your business too. By forcing you to compress the key ideas into a very short time you have to choose which is the most important idea. If you can’t convey your key idea in 30 seconds that may mean you don’t really understand it yourself. What is the essence?

Elevator pitching is an art form, crafting it is not easy and you won’t get it spot on first try. So constantly practice – tell everyone you meet about your business. Then see how people react and constantly be developing and refining your pitch. If possible, get feedback from experienced entrepreneurs (you’ll certainly get this if you participate in GRIFFIN Accelerator!)

Come to this event entry29.eventsity.com/events/founder-connect-2015-1 and expose your elevator pitch to friendly entrepreneurs – investors and mentors will also be present, see if you can get their attention too!