Launchpad 2017

GRIFFIN Accelerator is looking for entrepreneurs ready to benefit from intensive work with mentors to get their product into the market and their business ready for seed investment. But very few entrepreneurs can do this without a running start and they are often running in slightly wrong directions or not running as fast as they could. We see a strong need for early entrepreneurs to get better direction at this stage and so we’ve designed a new program to help.

At GRIFFIN we don’t tell you what to do, we challenge you. In launchpad we will give feedback and with you identify the right challenges to focus on.

GRIFFIN Launchpad provides entrepreneurs mentor feedback and direction. The focus is early learning from potential customers and using this to target development of minimum prototype. It is based on our practical experience with hundreds of entrepreneurs. It includes:

  • between 1-6 coaching meetings depending on your progress and needs by experienced mentors
  • feedback, advice and introductions
  • potentially win a shortcut to the GRIFFIN 2017 shortlist

We strongly recommend you also do the Canberra Lean Startup Workshops and all launchpad participants will get a 50% discount.

Apply NOW at the form below – places are limited. Applications will close early Feb but early applications will be considered for early help. We will not be able to help all applicants but will try to get all applicants at least one coaching/feedback session.

Apply NOW, availability is limited so get in first.