GRIFFIN Launchpad

GRIFFIN Accelerator is looking for entrepreneurs ready to benefit from intensive work with mentors to get their product into the market and their business ready for seed investment. But very few entrepreneurs can do this without a running start and they are often running in slightly wrong directions or not running as fast as they could. We see a strong need for early entrepreneurs to get better direction at this stage and so we’ve designed a new program to help.

GRIFFIN Launchpad provides entrepreneurs mentor feedback and direction in the early days to give them the maximum chance to reach the accelerator stage as a strong prospect. The focus is early learning from potential customers and using this to target development of minimum prototype. It includes:

  • coaching on market validation by Craig Davis, Petr Adamek and selected GRIFFIN mentors
  • coaching on product development and technology by CTO in Residence David Peterson
  • successful applicants win a shortcut to the GRIFFIN 2016 shortlist

Apply by 9 December at the form below – places are limited.

Launchpad is your best pathway to GRIFFIN Accelerator. Anyone interested in applying for GRIFFIN 2016 should put in an expression of interest at the above form. More information on GRIFFIN Accelerator at:

Launchpad complements and is additional to other programs for early stage startups in Canberra such as Innovation ACT, Lighthouse Business Innovation Centre, and the Lean Startup Workshop series. The new Market Ready program includes Launchpad as a subset.

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